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This game has potential. The art is nice and music is pretty good. Just the engine is worse than FNF's old engine. Hit detection is weird. Fast parts are pretty much impossible, hold notes act weirdly and cutscenes lag a lot. The last song's gimmick is pretty neat though. Wish it made a sound and had a visual effect when getting hit by the demons.

Really fun game. Haven't seen many of these "rope sling" type of games in 2D. When you nail the movement and go fast without bonking it feels so good.

For a clear shitpost game this is actually pretty fun. The music goes hard.

Pretty fun idea. I've seen games like this before but often they give you weapons like guns, bombs and rockets. I feel like this takes a lot more strategy. Medals would give this game a much bigger reason to try it again after failin

I had to cross my arms because the controls felt inverted to me

Visuals are good but way too many enemies compared to the small bullet amount and long reload animation. I would probably like it more if I was good at FPS games.

Ilike it. A neat Mario Paint fangame. I drew a lil Pico in it.

The old NES aesthetic is well done. Just wish there was some music

This should really become a randomized rougelike

While I did like the game there was a lot of issues. The game was a snore fest. Too easy and long. Enemies very rarely tried to attack (only happened if I was completely still). When you get powered up you can just spam kicks and dunks and win very easily. If you are boosting and your teammate passes the ball it floats behind you until you stop boosting or turn around. Teammate also barely did anything. Sounds were delayed. And Lastly the framerate was pretty low most of the time, idk if it's an actual issue or a Chrome issue.
I did like all the different characters. Throwing the ball worked nicely. Music and sprites were pretty good. The game will become a lot better if some of these issues are fixed.

Edit: I don't think my PC would lag on this game if it can run much more demanding games with slight to no problems. I mean maybe there is something up with ruffle + Chrome + My PC but idk.

BoMToons responds:

Sounds delayed and the lag/framerate are probably both related to your machine/setup.

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